Music Review and Interview with Gianluca Minguzzi

This piece of music is incredibly original, a refreshing musical journey to embark upon, and intricately creative at every moment. The sounds themselves have a simple and almost childlike resonance to them, but the notes they create, and the way each instrument fuses so well with those around it – the whole piece is a work of art, it tells a dramatic and mesmerizing story as it plays out, in a similar way that classical music does, but with a modern and almost new age twist to it.

It’s exciting to hear something so new and creatively free, particularly when it comes to instrumental music, there is no obvious sense of being caged in by genre; there is a certain fluidity and freedom in the melodies and the moods created by it all. The ring of the instruments and the atmosphere assumed by the music reminded me a lot of the sort of ambiance that Hang Massive (the hang drum duo) create with their music. It’s peacefully chaotic and emotionally artistic. It’s a really effective piece of music, really drawing you in and making you want to listen intently.

I do think it’s one of those piece’s that would be even more effective to witness being performed live. The skill and focus behind each individual contribution would probably shine brightly as opposed to the general work of art that the track is a single release. For me the music could have gotten even bigger, more could have been added, more chapters to the story, more segments, more riffs, more drama. I’d be interested to hear more and to know if there is a concept or a particular set of imagery that the lead artist had in mind when putting this one together.

By Rebecca Cullen

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